Lex mittermiller

About Me


I am a graphic and motion designer from Munich. I have studied at the university of applied sciences Salzburg, where I got my masters degree in Multi Media Arts with focus on media design. 

During my studies, I got really interested in motion design and taught myself a lot through first projects. I got especially interested in making animated music videos, as this combines my passion for music with my interest in animation. I love to work on music related projects and I’m always trying to find new ways of visual representation for music. 

If you want to work together or got a project in mind, hit me up!


Before studying media design and becoming interested in visual art, I’ve had summer jobs working with wood. While I never gained any noteworthy technical knowledge in this field (even though I find it very interesting), I always remained fascinated with the manual nature of these jobs. 

That’s why I try to approach projects in a analog way, and use the computer as less as possible. Especially in this highly digitalised era, the analog objects, the mono-functional-machines, the imperfect, makeshift solutions are what fascinate us.

Over the years, I’ve made some making of videos of some of my projects, where you can see my approach.

Making Of Videos